While football goes beyond just statistics, statistics is what is often used in debates and reflect to some extent a player’s effectiveness on the pitch for his side. We take an extensive look at some of the most intricate statistics in the Premier League this season.

Save percentage

  1. Hugo Lloris (80%)

With Jose Mourinho in the house, World Cup winner Lloris’ defensive formation would be much more resolute. However, the French captain proved his abilities more than enough, having a save percentage of 80.

  1. Bernd Leno (78%)

Where would Arsenal be without him? It can be argued that Emiliano Martinez has been very good for Arsenal since Leno’s injury, Arsenal benefited a lot from his distribution skills and communication. His numbers show his impact on the team.

  1. Dean Henderson (75%)

Arguably Premier League’s find of the year, Dean is the ‘dean’ of his goal and box. Not a ball goes past him without his permission and when they try, he stops them three out of four times.

  1. Kasper Schmeichel (74%)

His father might have been a Champions League winner, but Kasper is no pushover. A presence that wards off a lot of strikers, his save percentage shows his key role in Leicester’s good run this season.

  1. David De Gea (74%)

You’d be surprised if he didn’t make the list, wouldn’t you? With a porous defence that got better after the lockdown, David De Gea managed 13 clean sheets and took United to third on the table – no mean feat.


  1. Aaron Wan-Bissaka (101)

His love for tackling is well-documented, but Aaron Wan-Bissaka doesn’t tackle for fun, but for purpose. The United right-back has been one of the most consistent players for the Red Devils, and has been upping his attacking game as well.

  1. James McArthur (97)

A no-nonsense midfielder, James McArthur is as box-to-box as you find. He’s an old-school mercenary who consistently delivers in the Crystal Palace midfield.  

  1. Max Aarons (95)

Apart from Todd Cantwell and Emi Buendia, Max Aarons and Jamaal Lewis have been particularly good in the Norwich City defence. The club is going down, but Aarons may be taking the flight to Germany for Munich.

  1. Philip Billing (89)

Billing is a behemoth and when he comes defends, it gets very difficult to beat him. He has long strides going forward as well, but Bournemouth will need to use them in the Championship next season. Unless…

  1. James Tarkowski (85)

Tarkowski and Ben Mee are two centre-backs who can thwart any attack in the Premier League. At his absolute best, Tarkowski is impossible to beat and Nick Pope must thank him and his 85 blocks for his 15 clean sheets.


  1. Diego Rico (84)

In an error-laden season that saw Bournemouth AFC go down to the Championship, Diego Rico did what he could in preventing goals with 84 interceptions. Bournemouth conceded the third highest goals in the league, but without Rico, could be even worse.

  1. Wilfred Ndidi (80)

A Nigerian workhouse, Ndidi’s shirt was never dry when he stepped off the pitch. Always running and trying to win the ball for the Foxes, the defensive midfielder helped his team to a fancy run that saw them sit on the third spot for the longest time.

  1. Chris Basham (77)

Sheffield United’s strength is their defensive set up, but it’s not mindless clearing. Most of it is sound positioning and right interceptions, ably put into action by Chris Basham.

  1. Jan Bednarek (77)

Southampton’s dark house, Jan Bednarek kept the defensive house in order at the Saint Mary’s Stadium. He ensured that the leaks were well-sealed to ensure the Saints don’t concede too many.

  1. Declan Rice (77)

Another player who must’ve caught the imagination of top clubs, Declan Rice played a heroic role in saving West Ham from the drop. He was the heartthrob of the West Ham midfield and also contributed with some brilliant long range efforts.


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