Former Pakistani allrounder Abdul Razzaq is in the news another for another remark related to arch-rivals India. Razzaq has claimed that India intentionally lost to England to affect Pakistan’s progress in the 2019 World Cup. India had lost a group stage match to England by 31 runs, with opener Jonny Bairstow winning the Man of the Match award after scoring a splendid 111.


Razzaq’s comments come on the back of Ben Stokes quashing all claims about the same. There were some reports that suggested that Stokes had written in his yet-to-be-published book that India had lost the 2019 World Cup match against England deliberately. After India’s defeat, former Pakistan Sikander Bhakt had also opined that India deliberately got defensive against England to eliminate Pakistan from the showpiece tournament.


Razzaq said, “We as TV presenters on that day all felt the same; I had requested to the ICC that yes you are keeping all sorts of sanctions for match/spot-fixing but in cases where a team deliberately loses a game to try and disqualify another like making sure Pakistan did not get to semi-finals, there should be a fine and penalty for this also.”


Those who have played cricket before can see through this; If a quality bowler is not bowling on the right line and length and not trying to take wickets, is giving away runs then he can be picked up easily; You can tell if he is doing that deliberately,” he was quoted as saying on a television show by

“This should be part of the ICC rules and regulations – in the same way they have Level 1,2..5 breaches etc then they should also include that in one of the levels, so that if a team deliberately loses, doesn’t play to its caliber then there will be a fine on them.”


When he was quizzed about his opinion on India losing the game deliberately, Razzaq stated, “There is no doubt about this – we said this before and all cricketers are saying that – as I said, you can see this clearly; A player can hit a six but he is hitting a four or blocking the ball then that is easy to see.”


India had needed 71 runs in five overs with MS Dhoni and Kedhar Jadhav in the middle, but both batsmen looked content at exchanging singles and not taking too many risks. Captain Virat Kohli had later defended the approach, saying ‘wicketkeeper-batsman was experienced enough to know the demand of the occasion.’


“I think MS was trying really hard to get the boundary, but they were just bowling good areas. We’ll have to sit down and assess and improve in the next game.” Virat had said in the post-match presser.


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