Simona Halep is a Romanian Tennis player. On many occasions, she has been compared to Justine Henin. Despite being a relatively short player, do not let her height fool you. She gives her competition a run for their money and stands toe to toe with them. She is said to be one of the best emerging players of the decade.

Halep is quite a celebrated player and has fans all over the world. She is quite popular in her hometown, Romania, which is a place that doesn’t produce many great Tennis players.

The style of playing Halep has adopted, is quite a good one. She has an aggressive counterpunch and moves with speed on the court. She replies on her racket head speed to win rallies.

She doesn’t rely on her service to make points. She focuses more on the return of service and moving her opponents all over the court.

Her strokes are played very proficiently. Her backhand is said to be quite versatile as she can play the straight and cross strokes quite easily. Her forehand is said to generate a lot of topspin, which is very effective, especially on clay courts.

Just recently, Simona achieved the highest possible ranking, i.e world no 1. She became world no.1 after defeating Serena Wiliams in the finals of the prestigious Wimbledon just last year (2019).

Defeating the all-mighty Serena Williams that to in an event like the Wimbledon and becoming world no. 1 thereafter, is something to be very proud of.

Watch here as she wins the Wimbledon

Simona started playing Tennis when she was just 4 years old. She moved to Budapest at the age of 16 years to focus on her practice and training. She got inspired by her brother as she used to watch him play.

In 2013, she dominated world Tennis. She won her first six titles in the entire year. Besides Steffi Graf, she is the only player to win 6 titles in a year.

In 2018 she won her first-ever Grand Slam. It was the Roland-Garros title that she had claimed (French Open).

Simona Halep









Simona considers herself to be quite a short player and hoped she was taller as it could help her in the game. Interestingly, she was the shortest person to win the Wimbledon.

Personally, she has sacrificed a lot for her game. She underwent breast reduction surgery as she wanted to be able to move around the court faster and be more agile. This was a massive step for her. 

Her sacrifices and determination have shown clear results as she has turned out to be a very consistent and talented player.

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