The US Open is one of the most prestigious Tennis tournaments that take place every year. It takes place at that time of year when you are ready to soak up the last bit of summer; that is August 31st to September 13th.

Before you do curl up and enjoy this amazing event, here are some amazing facts that will blow your mind and make the tournament even more interesting.

Amazing facts about the US Open:

1.The fabulous looking trophies are designed by Tiffany & Co. It takes them around 6 months to make these silver trophies.

Amazing Facts About The US Open

2. The prize money won by the men and women in the US Open is the same amount. This made Tennis the first sport to have equal pay among both the genders.

3. Roger Federer, in the most recent era, holds the record of winning the title five times consecutively. He won these titles from 2004- 2008.

4. The Arthur Ashe stadium is the largest Tennis stadium where the US Open is held. It was named after Arthur Ashe as he won the first US Open as an amateur.

5. In 1977 a shot was fired at the stadium during a match. There was havoc amongst the crowd, which halted play for a while. Quickly the game resumed, and McEnroe won that particular match. Later it was found out that a fan was shot in the leg from a bullet that had been fired from outside the ground.

6. The US Open, unlike the other Grand Slams, there are tiebreakers.

7. In 2001Venus and Serena Williams were the first sisters to meet in the finals of the US Open.

8. Including practice matches, 70,000 balls are used during the US Open.

Amazing Facts About The US Open9.The hawk-eye, which is a very useful piece of technology, was used first in the US Open out of all the other grand slams.

10.The US Open has been held on three different surfaces. They are grass, class, and decoturf.
Jimmy Connors is the only man who has won on all three of these surfaces.

Amazing Facts About The US Open

Hope these facts about the US Open make your experience of watching the tournament even more enjoyable. Do share these fun facts with all your Tennis loving friends.

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