The choice of the racquet is very crucial while playing any racquet sport. However, cost constraints are always there while purchasing one. 

 Take a look at 5 best racquets which you can buy under 5000. 

Badminton Rackets under INR 5000

Yonex Duora 77 LCW

Flex: Medium

Weight: 3U (85-89.9 gm)

String tension: 3U 19-26 lbs

With its cutting-edge technology, you can command the court with every single shot. Duora lets players do huge forehands and quick backhands.

The racket is an evenly balanced light weighed racket. Good for intermediate players willing to go to the next level.

The Duora technology and durability are the best features making it better than any other racket under 5000. It has almost 5-star reviews.

You can buy it at

Apacs lethal 8

Age: Adult

grip size: g2

Length: 675 mm

Weight: 85 g

String tension:36 lbs

Expertise level: Advanced

The specification aims for outstanding strength, stroke, and endurance of the racquet. The isometric shape of the head of the racket helps for sharper and perfect shots during any game.

You can buy it at-

Li-Ning G-Force Lite 3200 

Weight- 86-89gm

It is equipped with the latest Li Ning Badminton technologies like Aerotec Beam System and High Tensile Slim Shaft.

The rackets are made with extremely low air resistance and high intensity to enable the players’ performance in various ways, using an advanced calculation system, 

It is made of ultra-strong material due to which the racket has optimum rigidity to bear higher tension for exact and steady strokes. 

The top slim shaft is 7.0mm and provides extreme strength and better control.

However, the string comes with lower tension. So, it’s better to change the string to BG65 to give you more power and control.

You can but it at-

Yonex Voltric FORCE

Flex: Stiff

String Tension: 4U 20-27 lbs

Weight: 4U (83gm)

The Voltric is a perfect racquet for players seeking an all-round performance. It comes up with incredible power and speed.

The tri-voltage system achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speediness.

You can but it at-

Yonex Nanoray 70DX

Flex: Stiff

Weight / Grip Size: 4U (Ave.83g) G4,5

 Stringing Advice: 4U 24-30 lbs

This racquet provides quick repulsion power with high tension stringing and suited for advanced players because of successive grommets positioned at the lower part of the frame.

The racket is designed for players who force their opponents into the baseline with extreme speed and power.

The thinness of the frame sides minimizes air resistance, which leads to greater head speed and the thicker sides at the bottom, generate maximum repulsion because of frame stiffness.

You can buy it at-

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