Playing sports is not only about winning. It is also about showing respect to all the players. It doesn’t matter how good or old the player is; one should always respect every player. This is called being ethical.

In a place like a Badminton court, behaving well and being ethical is what will make you a better person and player. You may know how to play Badminton well, but if you lack these ethical qualities, you are really not the good player you thought you were.

Next time you are at badminton court, remember these simple ethics :


1.Be honest: If you are playing a game and the shuttle lands on your side of the court, 
but your opponents can’t determine whether it was in or out, do not take advantage of 
that and gain a point. If it is in, do give the opponent the point that they rightfully 
Gaining points by cheating is the worst way to win.

2. Never chew gum while playing: Yes, sadly, this does happen. Chewing gum while playing is not just harmful to your health, but is also unfair to the others around you.It shows a lack of concern for the players around you and looks extremely poor. People will immediately start judging you for that.

For that matter, even trying to snack on something small during the game is unethical. It is always better to wait to get off the court and eat.

3. When others are playing, do not be loud or make a noise: A game like Badminton needs a player to have their full focus. If the people who are present in the court talk loudly, it could be very disturbing to the ones who are playing. If you keep talking and making a scene outside the court, then it means you have no regard for the people who are playing. It is a sign of respect to sit quietly and wait for your turn.

4. Do not make fun of other players: All players at some point are beginners and have a weak game. Making fun of these players and belittling them for hitting outside or missing the shuttle is the worst thing you can do on the court. Respect all players, as at one point; you too were a beginner. If the player is weak, instead of laughing at them, motivate and help them improve their game.

Laughing at a player can be highly discouraging and could crush a player’s dreams.

5. Include everyone: A sport like Badminton should teach you to treat everyone equally and give everyone a chance to play. The right thing to do is to make everyone feel included and help the beginners by encouraging them. If you pick and choose whom to play with because they play well, you are not showing any sort of sportsmanship spirit.

By following these points, your fellow players will respect you and think of you as a good player. Sports is all about being united by showing respect and being ethical. If you find yourself not doing even one of these, just remind yourself that being ethical will make you a better player.


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Ethics all Badminton players should follow,Ethics all Badminton players should follow