Trying out for a team in an attempt to join it can be a daunting task. Practice, preparation, mentality, and the right attitude play massive roles in tryout performances. 

Mentally, the idea is to keep things simple. If you make a mistake, move on. Focus on the game, the routine, performance, etc. at a time. Avoid thinking about the result as it may hamper your game on the pitch. Concentration is of paramount importance. Look and be confident and keep your head up, shoulders back, and talk confidently.

Football tryout tips to make a team


Here, we take a look at some tryout tips to keep in mind to make the team: 


Do what you know

One of the biggest mistakes one makes is trying to impress the trainer by doing things that are outside his skill-set. This may result in disasters.
If you’re a defender, defend well and pass the ball forward. 
If you are a midfielder, control possession, carry it forward and score goals. 
If you are a striker, control the ball, position yourself well and try to score goals.


If you do more right than wrong, your chances of getting selected are higher.


Train with professionalism

Athletes don’t become professionals overnight. It’s a process, and coaches know that as well. Also, conditioning and other such parameters like acclimatizing with new environments are important factors that are considered. 

Even the best players are always learning and getting better. Every day is a new chance to achieve a new goal and get better at what you do. 

Turn criticism into production

Mentally noting down what the coaches have to say and applying that on the pitch is half the battle won. The saying of productive criticism applies here perfectly. 

Coaches will criticize as a way of teaching at times. Strive hard to convert the criticism into production. It will make you a better player, and will gradually push you towards making the team. 

Football tryout tips to make a team


Develop a “Never Quit” attitude 

Young players need to have the required passion to train and work hard every day to improve their game. There will always be hardships, setbacks, injuries, and uncalled-for situations, and this is precisely where the ‘never quit’ attitude will come into play. 

Take one more lap when you think you can’t. Hit another shot when you feel you’re done. Keep pushing yourself till you drop. If you fall, get up and run again. 

Be a great teammate – Great attitude and sportsmanship

Be a great practice player, and challenge your teammates during practice to make everyone better. Help the mood, make it positive and ensure you have a positive body language as well. Display great sportsmanship. 


Every coach wants a player who is a great teammate and makes the players around them better. The coach believes players he knows he can count upon, and this helps your chances to become part of the team swifter than usual. 

There are no guarantees in life, but if a player works on himself and uses the tips mentioned above, he/she increases chances to make the team and earn more playing time. Having a calm head, a dedicated approach towards the game, and the zeal to work hard takes a player a long way.


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