The COVID-19 epidemic has led to shut down of gyms and public grounds where most people perform their fitness activities. However, this quarantine must not restrict your healthy regime. Notably, a workout can take place at home as well if planned and executed carefully. Here, we have enlisted three phases of your workout that you can comfortably do at home. This will lead to overall physical activity and will make you feel fresh for the day.



Phase I- Warm-Up


A 5-minute warm-up is crucial before starting your workout as it warms up the muscles for further exercise. This helps to avoid injuries. The warm-up exercise that you can do is:



Jumping Jacks


It is a physical jumping exercise performed with jumping to a position with your legs spread wide and hands touching overhead, sometimes in a clap, and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides.


Sets: 5

Time: 45 sec (each set)

Rest: 15 sec (after each set)


Phase II- Workout


This workout regime does not require any type of equipment and can be done anywhere at your home.



1. Squats


Squats is a very effective exercise for the lower body as it targets the thighs and glutes. Stand tall with your feet spread apart (shoulder width). Bend your legs and lower your hips towards the floor. Make sure to not bend your knees inward and return while squeezing your glutes. 


2.Elevated Push-Ups


Push-ups are crucial for building upper body strength. For an elevated pushup, use a fixated elevated surface like your bed or study table. The higher the surface, the easier it gets to do this exercise. Lower your body until your chest touches the surface and push back to starting position as quickly as possible.



Repetitions: 15-12-9-6-3

Do the following repetitions alternately for both exercises.



Phase III- Finisher


The finisher involves working on your core using functional exercises.

30 sec of fast Jumping Jacks followed by 30 sec of a plank.

This is one set and one should take 30 seconds of rest after each set.

Finish your workout by doing 3 sets of the same. 


You are done for the day after following this simple workout regime which does not involve any complexity and any types of equipment.


Follow an overall body stretching routine after the workout as this will prevent the soreness of muscles. A workout goes for vain if nutrition is ignored so, therefore, eat healthily, exercise properly and stay safe.



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