Sports is intensity, with physical fitness & hard work, strategizing to outlast and outperform your opponents to win. Sportspersons train for weeks, months, or even years for the holy grail, the podium, the trophy, and the sheer joy of victory. The adrenaline rush for the last push towards triumph is the same across all sports, ask any sportsperson.  

Training is crucial. The body and mind need to be in sync and to perform in perfect coordination for best results. Better training also prevents a lot of injuries, clearly suggestive in the case of the physical monster Cristiano Ronaldo, who at 35, still has just 7% body fat and 50% muscle mass. It has pushed him to greatness, putting him at par with Lionel Messi, another player who has helped his natural ability with an intense fitness regime. 


Force-time characteristics improve an athlete’s overall performance drastically with greater muscular strength. It can enhance the ability to perform sport skills like jumping, sprinting, changing direction and controlling rackets, sticks, or other such props related to specific sports. Every other attribute is, more or less, needed in every game. 



Vivid and in-detail research in sports has also revealed that stronger and fitter athletes produce superior performances during sport-specific tasks. Greater muscular strength allows an individual to push himself further, while also reducing the risk of injury. An individual’s strength characteristics are measured using isometric, dynamic, and reactive strength tests and variables. 

A properly designed and supervised training program for muscular strength can provide the following benefits to any sportsperson:

  • Enhanced strength and power
  • Improved motor skills that lead to better performance
  • Increased injury resistance
  • Boosted psychological well-being
  • Decreased serious health risks



Armed with the right education and training, athletes decrease their risk of injury and increase their sports performance and longevity. Young athletes experience success and develop abilities to overcome challenges over a period.

Sportspersons have an innate desire to perform at the top level for the longest possible period, and the stronger and fitter the body, the better it responds to the needs and strains of the game. For example, Roger Federer has been an ATP professional for over two decades, and his training regime has made him the most celebrated male player ever to grace the field.  


Thus, training and strengthening of muscles are integral to any sport if a player wants to reach the pinnacle. For beginners, fitness and an appealing physique can be a very strong allure. Every player must strive to reach the podium, and that can only happen if he maintains his fitness and psychological levels right, and training and education remains key to the trick.  


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