One of the first and most important things you need to learn before playing a racket sport like Badminton is, how to grip the racket correctly.

Most new players and beginners do not know how to hold the racket correctly. This is one of the reasons they are not able to contact the shuttlecock successfully and at the correct angle. Having a wrong grip can hamper almost all your strokes, and you will find it very difficult to play.

Having an incorrect grip while playing Badminton will also limit the range of how your racket moves and even the range/angle one requires to get variety in their strokes.


There are two grips used in Badminton. They are:

1.Forehand Grip

2.Backhand Grip


Very obviously, the forehand grip is used to play all strokes from the forehand. It is the placement of the fingers on the racket that people tend to mess up. The placement of your index finger on the Badminton racket is key. The index finger, along with the other fingers is placed on the wider side of the racket. The thumb is adjusted in such a way so that ‘V’ shaped structure is formed on the racket. 

The forehand grip is also called as the handshake grip. This is because the grip symbolises the structure of a handshake

The index finger is what will give you the most control while playing forehand strokes. So do keep in mind that the placement of the index finger should be correct.

Anything other than this would be incorrect and will hamper your game. So if you’re grip looks like the following, then you know it is wrong:



This video helps you understand the forehand grip properly:



This grip is obviously used while playing shots using the backhand grip. With the backhand grip, the thumb plays an important role. The thumb should be placed on the flat side of the grip, and it will control the pace of the shot.

Having a very tight backhand grip won’t benefit you, and your shot won’t go the way you expect it to. Only when you’re about the hit the shuttle, you may tighten your grip a bit

Switching from forehand to backhand may take some time, but you will get used to it. 

Make sure you aren’t gripping your racket in backhand like this:

This video will help you understand the backhand grip better:

To clear any doubts on the backhand and forehand grips, you must watch this video

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