If you want to play basketball at a professional level, you should aim to be a world-class level shooter. Regular practices help to improve shooting skills. The better you are at basketball shooting, the more it will help during the game. Normally when kids start playing basketball, the coaches teach them the BEEF method, which stands for:

  • (B) – Balance
  • (E) – Elbow
  • (E) – Eyes
  • (F) – Follow-Through

To become a pro at basketball shooting, one should start from the basics. Some of the tips that a player can use for basketball shooting to improve their skills are:



Feet should be aligned with the shoulder and knees slightly bent. The shooting foot should be slightly ahead of the non-shooting foot. The shooting foot will be the same as the arm, which will shoot. Also, make sure to maintain a certain amount of balance within the body and with respect to the ground. It helps to come back to the initial position after shooting the ball, and to continue playing the game after that.


Always Hold Your Follow Through

This helps in solving shooting problems. The wrist and fingers should relax, and point towards the ball. Stay in this position until the ball hits the target. Hands should finish on line and make sure to bounce a little during the process. Start in an athletic position first and then spring out, stay frozen in the same position for a couple of seconds and then relax.



Look at the target seconds before aiming the ball into the basket. This helps to calculate the distance and increases focus subconsciously. Eyes should be focused on the rim as early as possible. Regular practice helps in advancing this trick. The target should be focused and fixed inside one’s brain. It encourages a player to move forward to achieve it.



How to improve shooting in basketball

Possessing the necessary grip helps to sway the ball swiftly. It should not be too much as the ball could just fly in the air; neither should it be too little as the ball could slip out of the hands. Fingers should be spread widely to maintain balance in one hand. The ball should be placed tightly in the finger pads. There should be space between the palm and the ball.


Practice perfect form

How to improve shooting in basketball

Having a perfect form is a must to master a perfect shoot. Bend the knees slightly, and come into a jumping position. Identify the comfortable shooting pocket. Hold the ball with both your hands and swing up in the air to score a basket. The shooting arm and hand should form a C while you are about to shoot.


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