A game of Tennis serves a weapon when used in the right manner. When served wrongly, it becomes our enemy. One method is to hit fast and with less effort. To mix your serve in tennis is very important. 

Mix up your serve in tennis means the contrast between either keeping off the competitor or losing your service game. There are tons of modifications to mix up serve. Most players use placement and spin to mix up their serves, speed and stance location can also be applied. 



This is an essential feature. You can pull off your opponent with apt placement. You can also hit the ball at wide angles at various places inside the court. It aids in striking the ball at the weaker area and score points. Your opponent will hence move in the court along the ball as per your will. This way, you can move the competitor more and exhaust him.


There are four different types of serves to spin the ball. Precisely, flat serve, slice serve, topspin serve, and kick serve. If you serve differently, the opponent will have a hard time to play along with the game.


Players often think faster you serve, harder you make it play. However, it is not achievable without proper placement. Serving with different rates may confuse your opponent. 

For eg., if you serve at 40 mph and suddenly serve at 120 mph, the opponent may misjudge the ball and swing a little late.

The same goes for serving at higher speed and suddenly slowing down.

This way, it is hard for the opponent to predict your game.


Though it keeps your opponent guessing about your next move, it is the least important kind of serve. At times, the opponent can give you great return serve positions. If you stand wide, you can hit at a wider angle to pull your opponent off the court. But you can even give a much larger space for the competitor to score a point. 



All the best players. Mix your serve in tennis and rock the court. 

See you in court!!


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