Zlatan Ibrahimovich’s arrival to the Red part of Milan was the biggest signing for Serie A since Ronaldo. Let’s analyze the move and its impact on the shaky fortunes of ACM.

He played for the club for two years (2010-2012). Swede hit the net 56 times in that period. He was a member of the squad that won Scudetto for the last time in 2010-11. Massimiliano Allegri was in charge. Instability, mass exodus, poor financial management are some of the reasons for the fall of ‘Football giant’. 

In ACM jersey, Ibra will get an annual salary of $3.9 million. It is quite less to what he got at PSG, L A Galaxy, and Manchester United. Rossoneri is passing through the most difficult phase. It’s only Swede’s love that pulled him to the red and black jersey again. 

This team has problems on many fronts. In the last 5 years, the club has seen 8 managers and 3 owners. The poster boy of Serie A is now an unrecognizable squad. For the most part of the season, they remained outside the top 10. At one point in time, they were only 3 points clear of the red zone. Everyone was skeptical about Stefano Pioli. Piatek is not at the same level. Donnarumma sometimes becomes too adventurous. Kessie is hard working but could provide little meaningful impact. Midfield shows a lack of creativity. The team is regularly getting punished for poor defense. The current goal difference is negative five. Better purchases are desperately needed. 

Now, fans want fancy rivalry between him and Ronaldo. Ibra’s recent statements have given traction to it. On April 11, both Juventus and ACM will play against each other. That encounter will be epic.

Currently, he is 38. Surely, he can infuse much-required inspiration in players and fans with his charm. He is a player of quality. To match his level on the pitch, one has to be on his toes. Putting him in the best place is the point. He should be given more and more space inside the penalty box. He is well capable of providing that last touch and ignites jubilation in the camp. Currently, the unit is finding it difficult to score goals. On 6 different occasions, they have failed to score. Remember that without a goal, you can’t win. 


People want to listen to the UEFA anthem at San Siro again due to the red part of the city. The expectation of fans is valid from the 7 times European Champions. With the current state of affairs, it’s a far cry. Only one individual’s effort can’t hold the rocking ship. But, there is a lot that is expected from ‘Ponytail’ Swede. He and the team have to live up to the expectations. Otherwise, it will end as another big brouhaha.  

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