Physiotherapy is the most common form of treatment that aids us in recovery of injuries and other conditions. Any pains, sports related injuries, accident related injuries or even mobility related injuries ca be treated and improved using physiotherapy.

A lot of times post injuries, a person isn’t able to move properly. Physiotherapy helps restore mobility and movement.


Even doctors send patients to physiotherapists at the first sign of a problem as it is a great method in managing pains.

So why is physiotherapy so important? Well heres why:


1. Helps to reduce/eliminate pain: Going for physiotherapy can really help in reducing pain as it consist of therapeutic methods of eliminating pain. Other techniques such as soft tissue massages and mobilization, ultrasound, taping and even electric stimulation can help in relieving pain and restoring joint and muscle function. These therapies also help in ensuring that the pain doesn’t return.

2. Improves mobility: If you are an active person and you’re into sports, you know that mobility is important. If you’re having difficulty in standing or walking and doing simple tasks too physical therapy can come to the rescue. Physiotherapy includes stretches and exercises that can help in mobilisation and help in restoring your ability to move.

3. Recovering from sports injury: In the world of sports, injuries are inevitable. Going to a physiotherapist regularly is important, specially if you get an injury playing a sport. A sports physiotherapist understand how injuries occur in sports and what to do to help these injuries improve and help in avoiding them to reoccur. 

These physiotherapists also help in devising an exercise and stretching plan which will help in strengthening and prevention of future injuries.

4. Helps in avoiding surgery: There is a possibility that if physiotherapy works in improving an injury or eliminating pain, then physiotherapy may not be needed. Even if surgery is required, doing some physical therapy before may be quite beneficial. If you go into surgery stronger than usual, chances of recovering are faster than usual are more. Surgery can get quite expensive, so resolving an issue with intense physiotherapy can work out cheaper for you.

5. Improves range of motion: Many times post injury the range of motion of a particular joint reduces. This can be a big deterant when you are playing a sport or you are working out actively. For instance if you hurt your knee while running or your shoulder gets frozen while playing a sport, physiotherapy is one thing that can improve your condition quite a bit. In fact, if you avoid physiotherapy in situations where your ability to move and function has reduced, then you are making the situation worse for yourself.


Physiotherapy is a boon to sportsmen, but it is required for the day to day person too. Doing daily tasks can have an affect on our joints, muscles and tissues. Avoiding these problems can prove to be chronic in the future.

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