Tennis is an extremely fun sport to learn, and you can learn at any age. Yup, it is true. All you need to have is the courage to pick up a tennis racket. 

Yes, Tennis is a technical sport, but the good news is you can learn too! All you got to have is the will to do so. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll never want to stop. 

Learning a new sport can be pretty intimidating and confusing. But that is why we have compiled a list of tips that will help introduce the sport to you.


1. First, take the decision to actually begin: When you say you want to learn Tennis, actually do go ahead with it. Don’t let that desire fade away. At times, work, family or social reasons can be in your way. But tell yourself that no matter what, you will make time for Tennis.

Learning Tennis will help you keep fit and also serve as an activity you can do in a social environment.


2. Buy the right equipment: Buying the right equipment is so essential as just wearing any old shoes or any t-shirt you can find may do more harm than good to you. Shoes play a huge role in a sport like Tennis, as if you wear the wrong kind of shoe, you may not get the right grip, and this could lead to you slipping and injuring yourself.

As far as apparel is concerned, wearing the right t-shirts and shorts are important as one needs to be comfortable while they play.

Buy yourself a good racket for beginners as technology keeps changing, and what was once your father’s racket years ago may not do you any good.

Buying the right equipment also shows you are dedicated to learning.

3. Start with a friend: Starting a sport with a friend can prove to be very useful. This isn’t a compulsion, but as they say, two is better than one!

Having a friendly and familiar face around can make learning a sport much more fun. Sharing your time at the court and progress with someone who is going through the same can keep you motivated to do better.

Plus, you will always have someone to practice with!

4. Learn the rules: If you want to take up the sport to play regularly, you should learn the rules. Learning the rules will give you full rounded knowledge of how to play and what is allowed and what is not. This isn’t the first thing you need to do, but gradually learning about it can prove to be very useful.

5. Join a class/ learn under a coach: Learning under a coach will give the correct direction from the beginning. A coach will make sure you learn the proper techniques from the very start. This is important so that later on, you form the right habits. Plus, if you commit to joining a class, you are more likely to go ahead with learning the sport.

6. Practice: Yup, that is one thing people will tell you everywhere you go. You got to practice to perform better and learn the sport faster. Playing just once in a while may not do any good, and it won’t keep you in shape either. Doing something regularly and continuously will undoubtedly help you. 

Keep these tips in mind while starting to play Tennis. If you follow this well, the rest becomes easier to do!


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