In Badminton singles, you have to rely solely on yourself. Unlike in doubles, you do not have a partner to back you up. Hence singles players really need to be mentally fit and have to learn to sustain on their own.

In order to play a good game of singles, one must consider strategizing and having a game plan. There are simple tricks and tactics one should learn and follow while playing singles.

The most simple strategies are:


1. Always move your opponent around: In singles, each play has to cover an entire side of their court. Utilise this to your advantage. While playing, think about making your opponent cover maximum ground in order to force them into playing a weak return. Make sure it is them who is chasing the shuttle and not you. Moving your opponent around the court will tire them quickly while you conserve energy. This will lead you to make more points.

2. Do not be in a hurry: Always wait for a chance to finish the rally. Never be in a haste. Even at the international level, players tend to get impatient and go for the kill even when not in position. This could be a complete waste of points on your behalf. Create an opening for yourself. Wait for the right opportunity to attack the shuttle. Displace your opponent and then only go for the kill.

If you are too much in a hurry, chances are you will mess up.

3. Do not think that the smash you hit is the end: Today, everyone is practicing how to return the smash. So if you smash, do not be surprised that you didn’t win the point and that the shuttle was returned back to you.

Yes, the smash will put pressure, and yes, there are times when the smash is the finishing stroke you should play, but not always.

Who said a toss couldn’t be an attacking stroke? Or that an unexpected drop wouldn’t fool your opponent? It most certainly can.

4. Always play and come to the centre: The centre of the court is equidistant to all the corners. When you play a shot from the back, front or side, always come back to the centre of the court. This way, you are prepared to take up the next shot no matter where it comes.

But if you play a shot and you are late to come to the centre or you stand and watch the shuttle go across, you will be out of balance for the next shot and will have less time to react. This delay can cause you to lose a point.

5. Always be bouncing/on your toes: Badminton involves one to make sudden movements and to react quickly. If you are not crouched and in an alert position, playing badminton will become quite a challenge. Always be on your toes as this will help you to push off the ground and reach the corners easily.

If you just stand there with your feet planted straight on the ground, it means you are not alert and won’t be able to react in time.


Watch this video to learn how to plan your shots and strategy while playing singles: 


Maintain and follow these tips as it will help you to strategize and make a solid game plan. Especially people who are new to the sport should include these tips as a part of their game.


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