Have you ever walked into the gym and noticed this one person who has it all wrong?

I’m sure you’ve seen ‘gym fail’ videos, where the chest machine is used for the lower body, and rowing machines magically transforms into hamstring exercises. So, don’t be that guy! 

Going to the gym has many benefits. It keeps you in shape; it keeps you fit and healthy. Gymming mainly includes weight training, although other forms of exercise like Crossfit and circuit training is common too. 

While lifting weights, one must be careful. This is because as much as it can do us good, it is the small, subtle mistakes that can injure us.


So to avoid being that guy, here’s a small guide to save you from embarrassing yourself:

Always use the right form: Yup, you aren’t born with the knowledge, and no, all the instructional videos you’ve watched may not ensure perfect form. This is OK. But at the same time, ask your trainer or a regular gym-goer. Don’t be ashamed to ask about the right form.

Having the wrong form will not only look funny, but it can also be harmful and lead to injuries. 

So next time you aren’t sure, ask for help!


Don’t neglect warm-up: Getting to the gym and hitting the weights rack without so much as a toe touch is one horrible mistake you’re making. People don’t realize the importance of warmup. Warming up is a way of making your body ready for what is to come next. With the body and muscles being warm and active, directly working out can cause injuries. 

Warming up can also increase performance.


Going too fast: There is no need to do your sets too fast. There is no race to finish. Do each repetition in a slow and controlled way, which actually do you good. Going fast means you are rushing it. Control while doing each repetition is very important. The effectiveness of your workout can decrease if you go too fast.


You’re worrying about what others think: Everyone does different routines in their workout and has their own way of going about things, which is fine. You too, can do your own workout using whatever equipment you think is best for you, without worrying what others may say/ think.

If you see someone do squats with 50 kgs, and you can just do 20 kgs, so what? 

 Don’t worry about what others think as this will make you do things that your body isn’t able to handle. This will cause much more damage than do good.


Neglecting a pre-workout snack: Think of a snack as fuel for your body before its about to go through vigorous activity. And yes, here comes the overused, cliched saying, “just like a car, your body needs fuel to work”.

Not snacking beforehand can make you feel dizzy and weak during your workout. This means either you’re forced to stop or that you haven’t completed what you had set out to do.

But this doesn’t mean you eat cake before and think, “I am going to work this out.” That, too, is wrong. A small snack like a fruit or small sandwich is great before going to the gym.


Doing the same routine for months: You need to change things from time to time. Going to the gym and doing the same routine for weeks can really not have any impact on you. You got to switch things up. By doing the same workout every time your muscles will start to plateau, and you will not see the desired results.

Keep these rookie mistakes in mind, especially if you are new to the gym. This will help you in meeting your fitness goals.


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