The PBL 2020 started on 20 January with seven teams playing 6 ties each. The top four teams in the respective ties will reach the semi-finals and the teams that are on the top of the table are:

1-Chennai Superstarz

2-Northeastern Warriors

3-Pune 7 Aces

4-Bengaluru Raptors

Our prediction involves

Semi-final I- Chennai Superstarz vs Northeastern Warriors

Semi-final II- Pune 7 Aces vs Bengaluru Raptors

Prediction I- Chennai Superstarz vs Northeastern Warriors

The Northeastern Warriors have a strong mixed doubles and women’s singles unit, and the Chennai Superstarz men’s doubles pair are stronger than the Northeastern Warriors.  They played against each other in tie no. 18, in which the Warriors defeated the Superstarz 4-3. However, in this tie, Michelle Li and Lakshya Sen had not played. If they play in the semi-finals, the women’s singles, men’s singles, and men’s doubles would be probably won by the Warriors. 

Therefore, Northeastern Warriors are more likely to win the tie and proceed to the finals.

Winner: Northeastern Warriors

Prediction II- Pune 7 Aces vs Bengaluru Raptors

Bengaluru Raptors consists of a strong Men’s singles (Sai Praneeth) and Women’s (Tai Tzu Ying) singles team. In their previous encounter, the Aces had won against the Raptors 4-3. Both of them won their respective trump matches, but the strong mixed doubles and men’s doubles pair of the Aces led them to their win. If both of them play against each other in the semi-finals, the Pune 7 Aces are more likely to win having a stronger mixed doubles and men’s doubles team.

Winner: Pune 7 Aces

Finals: Pune 7 Aces vs Northeastern Warriors

In tie no. 14, the Warriors defeated the Aces one-sided with a total of 5-0.

The Aces strength is their mixed doubles team, which unfortunately lost in straight games, against L.Y. Dae and K.H. Na, of the Warriors. The Warriors have Michelle Li who is a better player than Rituparna Das which makes the Women’s singles go on the Warriors side. In terms of men’s singles, both the singles players of the Warriors are better than those of the Aces. The only strong point left with Pune 7 Aces is their men’s doubles pair of H. Setiawan and C. Shetty. With the women singles, men’s singles and mixed doubles in favor of the Northeastern Warriors, they are more likely to win the season 5 of PBL.

Winner: Northeastern Warriors

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