If you have an active lifestyle or you are into sports and fitness, you know that injuries are part and parcel of life. Most, if not all, people who are fitness and sports enthusiasts at some point have gone through a pain in the back, shoulder, neck, leg, or ankle. 

But there are ways to prevent injuries. Nope there no way to completely STOP injuries, but we can try to prevent them.

So let’s talk about ankle injuries. The ankle tends to get injured while playing a sport that involves a lot of twisting, running, jumping, and sudden movements. One incorrect land on your feet can keep you home for weeks. So to avoid the hassle of being on bed rest and out of the game, here are some ankle stretches and strengthening moves you can do regularly to prevent injuries:


1. Calf raises:

This is one exercise loved by many as you can do it anywhere and anytime, no equipment needed. All you got to do is stand with feet about shoulder-width apart and start by pushing off the ground and onto your toes. You need to do this is in a slow and controlled motion to benefit properly. 

Come down by placing your heels back on the ground and repeat. You can use the support of the wall so as to maintain balance. If you want to increase the resistance, you can do single leg calf raises where only one foot will remain on the ground while going on your toes. Repeat on both legs about 10-15 times.

Here is how it is done: 



2.Ankle Alphabets:

Who said the ABCs are just for kids? This is a straightforward one. All you got to do is either sit on a chair or ground and with your ankles, you got to draw in the air, all the alphabets (A-Z). First, start with your left and then go to your right.

Doing about 2 sets on each leg will be really helpful.

Here is how


3. Resistant band stretching:

Resistance training is beneficial, and one should use this method frequently. Resistant bands are stretchy rubber bands that add resistance during movements. 

When it comes to ankle strengthening, there are two very common movements used. They are called inversion and eversion.

Here you need to tie the resistance band around something that is sturdy and the other end to the outside of your leg. For some movements, you can hold the band too.

Then you begin the movements. 

Please watch the movements in this video: 


4. Ankle Rolls:

Ankle rolls are super easy and effective. Again no equipment required. All you got to do is sit on a chair or on the roll and roll your ankle clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat this for about 10-15 rotations on each ankle (each side). That is it. But it is incredibly effective.

 Here is how it is done


By stretching and strengthening your ankles, you will improve the range of motion of your ankle, which will decrease the chances of injuries. It is always better to have loose joints in the ankle to react quickly and move in various directions.

Ankle sprains are the most common. But doing these regularly can prevent them from getting strained.


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