As a beginner, it might be difficult to understand what strokes to learn and when. It is always better to start with the more basic strokes and build on that. In a sport like Squash, you learn a basic stroke, and once you’ve mastered that, only then do you try to learn the advanced version of that stroke.

So as a beginner, these are the strokes/shots you should focus on:


In Squash, whenever the ball hits any wall on the side before it hits the wall in the front, it is known as a ‘boast’. A boast can be two walled or even three-walled. In a two-wall boast, the ball is hit on the closest wall then continues to hit the wall in the front and bounces twice before striking a far sidewall.

The intention behind the three wall boast, is to hit the ball onto the far sidewall.

The nature of the boast is dual; for attack and defense. It can bring your opponent to the front, which permits you to return their shot using the straight drive. This will put them in a position of difficulty. If hit correctly, the two wall boast can send the ball quite low, making any sort of return very hard.


Straight Drive

The easiest and most simple shot to learn is the straight drive. The purpose behind this shot is to keep the ball in play and to keep your opponent as far away from the’ T’ as possible. This is because the’ T’ is the ideal position on the Squash court.


Here the ball should be hit with just the right force in order to make it strike the front wall as it returns close to the sidewall, and the first bounce it makes should be in the service box.

The closer the ball is hit to the wall, the more challenging it gets for your opponent to return the shot.

This way, you get a chance to move towards the’ T’, which will put you in a better position on the court.



During a lob shot, the ball is hit high against the wall in the front with force sufficient enough to send the ball over the head of your opponent and making it land at the back of the court.


This shot can be used as an attacking one when you are in the front. Here your opponent may move closer, expecting a more gentle shot, like the drop shot, only to find out that a more aggressive shot has been played over their heads, sending them to the back of the court.

This will put them in an awkward position.

A lob can be played defensively too. It would be useful only when it’s been played from the backcourt where the ball was too tightly played to the corner.


Drop Shot

This shot is a great one to learn, and it must be played in order to catch your opponent. It can be very challenging for someone to face the drop shot. It doesn’t require much force, and it should send the ball gently into the wall in front.


Drop Shot can be played from the front of the court as well as from the back of the court. If it is played from the back of the court, it should be played long. It should be played when your opponent is expecting to play a straight drive but instead is faced with a drop shot.


Learn these basic shots and build a foundation for yourself. Once these shots become easy then start to learn the more advanced shots. Here practice and patience is required.



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