Bowling is one of the most challenging aspects of Cricket. To improve it, one has to take care of a few steps. 

Whether you are spin or medium-paced or a fast bowler, the first requirement is to get the correct line and length. A bowler can place a stump at a gap from the off stump. He can practice delivering balls in that space. A zone can be marked on the net in the case of net practice. For bowling near the leg stumps, a zone can be demarcated by placing an extra stump. 

Pitching at a reasonable length is the ultimate aim of any bowler. A good length can be demarcated by the use of tape or chalk. A disk can be placed for more accuracy. Now, a bowler will practice pitching the ball in this zone. It is better if he hits the disk. The more he will practice this technique, the better a bowler he will become. Just short of a good length spot, a red cloth can be placed. This piece of cloth will indicate that a bowler must avoid this area. A white tape or chalk can help in the marking of the intended and prohibited zones for pitching. Bouncers can be practiced similarly. 

Yorker is one of the most difficult deliveries for any batsman. Lack of practice could do damage. It could reach the bat without pitching. A batsman can show no sign of mercy on a full toss. Yorker needs maximum practice among all types of deliveries. 

Wide ball is one of the most common errors of a bowler. There are two basic reasons for it. First, a bowler’s body does not remain in line with his leg. If the body weight falls apart, then the alignment gets disturbed. The second reason is the wavering of the bowling arm before the release. Wavering could be in any direction. The non-bowling arm can be used for aiming. It should not hamper vision. Allow the bowling arm to follow the non-bowling arm when it goes down. Practice this to get precision. It reduces the chances of wide balls quite drastically. 

Wasim Akram once remarked that a bowler should avoid a long run-up in order to avoid a no-ball. Long run-ups reduce rhythm. Normally, a marker can be placed at the starting point of run-up. The point of the jump can also be marked. It helps bowlers significantly. If one is taking the jump from the correct point, then bowling a no-ball becomes almost impossible. That point also provides rhythm to bowling.      

The use of some extra amount of pace usually disturbs the line and length of a ball. Copying someone else’s action is another reason for disturbed line and length. 

Above are a few tips which will surely help someone become a good bowler.


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