With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics around the corner, athletes of the various sports are training extremely hard with just one thing on their mind, i.e. GOLD. 

Their eye is on the prize, and they wouldn’t want to settle for anything less. The likes of P.V Sindhu and Manika Batra are no exception.

 They are one of the top athletes in their respective sport and India’s biggest hope of winning gold at the 2020 Olympics.

The Olympics is known to be a very prestigious event that takes place every four years and winning a medal at the Olympics is a matter of great pride.


 P.V Sindhu is one of the most inspirational female Badminton player. She has achieved so much in such a short period of time. She has become a household name and a massive inspiration to many budding badminton players across India.

PV Sindhu is the most recent world champion in her category. With such a worthy title comes a lot of expectations. All eyes, money and hope are on Sindhu!

 Not only is she the most recent world champion, but she was the silver medalist of the previous Olympics that were held back in 2016. The fight she put up for India was phenomenal. She didn’t give up for a second. It was in three long and well-fought games that she lost to former world number 1 Carolina Marin.

 Seeing an evident decline in performance by former bronze Olympic medalist Saina Nehwal, PV Sindhu seems to be the only hope India has left when it comes to winning the gold medal at the Olympics.

 She has won numerous titles and awards for her outstanding performances and has contributed immensely to Indian badminton. She is also one of the most hardworking athletes you will ever meet. 

Her commitment, her dedication and drive all put together make her a force of nature that one should not take lightly. With her, it always means business!


Manika Batra is said to be one of India’s leading players in Table Tennis. This Delhi born table tennis player made history in 2018 when she won as many as four medals in the Commonwealth Games. One of those four medals was a gold medal that she achieved in the singles event. 

Manika and her veteran partner Sharath Kamal did the unthinkable. Together they won the bronze medal at Asian Games in the mixed doubles event, and with this, India’s 60-year long wait to win a medal in table tennis came to an end.

Even though hopes are pegged on Manika, she stated that, although the 2020 Olympics are around the corner, she is not putting pressure on herself and is going to focus more on the 2024 Olympics.

Batra claimed that like her all the other paddlers are getting ready and working hard too. She went on to say if luck is on her side, then she will win a medal, but isn’t going to add that stress on her as she is more keen on focusing on the 2024 Olympics.

Manika has recently changed her coach, and after this change, she feels like her game has improved. She also expresses how she is now able to beat the Koreans and Chinese players.

With the Olympics getting closer, India’s best shot at winning a medal in the sport of table tennis would probably be the mixed doubles duo of Manika and Sharath. 

Even though Manika is not putting pressure on herself to win medals at this coming Olympics, she has expressed her desire to perform well as she feels that she and her partner have great potential.

 Manika and Sharath’s preparations are going in full swing as together; the duo has the potential to be a threat in the eyes of their opponents.


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