Tennis is a funny game. The same game is played on four different major surface types. Some players seem invincible on Red soil, whereas some play like a god on other courts. Tennis has witnessed many results in its history, which gave the spectators a mini heart attack. The game is full of upsets with underdogs shocking the favorites or a colossal figure in the game facing an unexpected defeat. However, some results shocked the world in a manner that history can be written around them. Let us take a look at three such games, which were highly unexpected.

1. Boris Becker (GER) beats Kevin Curren (US) Wimbledon 1985: Final Score: 6-3, 6-7,7-6,6-4

Boris Becker became the youngest player to win a Wimbledon

Boris Becker is a legend. However, his visit to Wimbledon as a 17-year-old will be his most memorable one out of his six grand slam wins. He has the record of being the youngest Wimbledon winner to his name. He also was the first unseeded player to win a Wimbledon title.  

His powerful ground-strokes, agile play at the net, and thunderous serve mesmerized the World. He had a mountain to climb in the final against Kevin Curran. Curran was in the form of his life and had become the first player to defeat both Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe in the same event. However, the final proved to be an ironical match in every sense, and the hunter got hunted. Very few expected Curran to lose against a teenager no one knew. In a tightly contested game, Becker drained Curran in a tie-breaker in the third set. Becker emerged as the winner in a four-set classic.   


2. Richard Krajicek (NED) beats MaliVai Washington (US)  Wimbledon 1996: 6-3,6-4,6-3

The Wimbledon of 1996 saw some of the biggest names, such as Becker, Sampras, and Aggasi, participating in the event. However, Wimbledon spurred another one of its Annual surprises. The final was played between two unseeded players. MaLiVai Washington was the people’s favorite and had served some heroic performances in the tournament. Richard Krajicek looked a future superstar and was dubbed the favorites by the pundits. Washington, who also was the first black man to reach the finals of Wimbledon after Arthur Ashe ran riot at the arena before finals. However, unexpectedly final proved to be an anti-climax. Krajicek won in straight sets. The final score read 6-3,6-4,6-3. 

This edition is often remembered for non-tennis reasons. The version saw a large number of rain stops. Also, Wimbledon witnessed its first streaker in the event. (Yes, The gentlemen event saw some adultery) 

This was also the only Wimbledon between 1993-2000, where Sampras failed to win the title. 

MaliVai Washington became the first American-African to reach the Wimbledon finals since Arthur Ashe

3. Gustavo Kuerten (BRA) beats Sergi Bruguera (ESP): French Open 1997: 6-3,6-4,6-2

Gustavo Kuerten of Brazil became the lowest-ranked player in history to win the clay-court title. In the process, he also became the first from his nation to lift the prestigious cup. 

Gustavo defeated three defending champions on his way to the finals. He also won against the favorite Sergi Bruguera, who had won the French title twice before 1997. The 23-year old had a straightforward technique and wasn’t considered a contender. He had never won any major tennis title before the Roland Garros.  However, he stunned the World with his hard-hitting and resilience. He received his trophy from Bjorg and claimed that he has no idea of opening a Champagne bottle as he never had to open one. hard-hitting and resilience. He received his trophy from Bjorg and claimed that he has no idea of opening a Champagne bottle as he never had to open one. 

Gustavo Kuerten is the lowest rank player to win French Open


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