Playing your first Badminton tournament can be a big deal. Especially for people who are new to the competitive world, it can be quite a challenge. One must prepare physically and mentally in order to perform well. 

A sport like Badminton is very tactical and requires planning. You need to be fit and in form to be able to play your first tournament. Badminton also requires you to strategize and plan. All these things can be learned before playing a match.

There are few things you should keep in mind before playing a tournament, especially your first tournament. They are:


1. Practice: No matter how good you are or how much knowledge you have about the game, practice is needed. In a competition, there are many other players who have come prepared by training and practicing hard. Practicing the right game before the tournament will ensure that you play the right game in the match as well.

2. Watch videos: As part of your preparation, watch Badminton videos of international level tournaments. This will be quite beneficial while strategizing and formulating a game plan. Watching these videos will help you understand what shot to play when and what to do in pressure-based situations. By continuously watching these videos, you will get a sense of how the top players plan out their game and how they adapt to the various situations they are in.


3.Rest and Relax: Before your first tournament, it is important to realise that you must rest and relax. By relaxing and resting, you are giving your body a chance to recoup and recover from all the training you have undergone. Relaxing can also be an excellent way to rejuvenate your mental energy. 

Badminton can be a mentally taxing game and keeping your mind at ease before a match is significant.

4. Do not put pressure on yourself: Players who have just entered the competitive world tend to put pressure on themselves to win. This is very wrong. Playing under pressure will do you no good. In fact, when one plays under pressure, they tend to forget everything they have learned, and they also tend to mess up the shots.

One needs to realise that winning their first-ever competition is rare. With that kind of pressure, nobody will get ahead.


5. Have fun while playing: Remember, winning is not everything. One must enjoy the game and have fun while competing. If you aren’t enjoying what you are doing, you will never exceed in it. The game of Badminton might be challenging, but at the same time, it is also a lot of fun.

So enjoy the game and do not fret about the outcome.

6. Learn from your mistakes: If you know in practice, you are making a particular mistake, focus on improving that mistake so that in the match, you will not make that mistake. Yes, one should definitely focus on their strong points, but one shouldn’t avoid or discard their weak points either. One should work on their weak strokes and not be scared to play them during a match/ tournament.

Playing your first tournament can be intimidating. But keeping these small tips in mind can go a long way for you. It is always better to go prepared and still lose, rather than just go unprepared and lose. At least going prepared for a match will help you learn from your mistakes.


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