Swimming is such a sport that is not only beneficial for one’s enjoyment but also is a skill that can help in survival. The earth is covered in 75% water bodies, and knowing how to survive in those is a really big advantage. 

One doesn’t necessarily have to learn swimming because they want to compete or swim professionally. One should learn to swim because it is a skill that can never be wasted. Plus once you learn how to swim, you’ll tend to not forget swimming.

Swimming has a lot of health benefits also. After injuries and surgeries, doctors always suggest swimming as a way to recover and strengthen the body.


There are several reasons one should learn to swim, they are:

-It is low- impact for the body: Swimming is done in water, hence the impact it has on your body is very low. Unlike running or any other sport played on the ground, in swimming the pressure on our joints is much less and our knees do not need to absorb any pressure from impact.

Swimming is easy on the muscles and joints. 


-Swimming is a good workout: Swimming involves high-intensity cardio paired with the movement of various muscle groups. People often take to swimming for weight loss. It, in fact, does help you lose weight and keep you toned.

Swimming is also a resistance-based sport where your body has to push through/ resist the water to move ahead. This helps in the toning of the body.

Swimming is also good for the joints.


-Swimmers can swim forever: Swimming is one such sport that if you learn as a child you will know even when you’re much older. It is a skill that when developed remains with you forever. For people who are on the older side, swimming is a very good option to keep in shape and get some activity in. Being low impact it is easy on their joints. Even if at a young age you don’t want to swim, but if you learn how to, you can always pick it up later on in your life.


-For personal safety reasons: Swimming is a skill that can save your life. In a year, many people drown to death because they fall into a water body and don’t know how to keep afloat. In an unfortunate event if you too fall off a boat, or slip into a water body you should be prepared to swim to safety.


-Great recovery after injuries: If you are a physically active person, or you love to workout and play sports, then you should know how to swim. This is because if you injure yourself but need to strengthen your body, swimming is the first thing doctors will recommend. This is because it is a great and low impact sport which will be easy on one’s body but at the same time will help in strengthening your muscles. Doing exercises in the pool before getting back to the sport after injuries are a must.


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